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Goals? Really? What if amazing starts with...

Woman at Mackay Hairdressers For The Love of Hair

As we are ankle deep into the new year, our minds fill with everything we can change about ourselves to ‘improve” what we didn’t do last year, maybe it was a personal goal, or maybe it was a work related goal. Then there is the buff body goals, wanting a different shape or to eat differently.  All of them sound like wonderful changes, but can also have a chain reaction on how we feel about ourselves, as we work towards these ‘goals’ .

We can go into a drive to get things done, or to do a task repeatedly, like not eating chocolate every day, or is that just me…. Then what can follow is the constant thoughts in our heads thinking of how we are going to get them done, like if we go back to the chocolate example, if I just don’t buy it then I won’t eat it, so done, complete. 

And then there can be the self bashing we go into for when we mess up so to speak on not achieving the goal, Yes..  I went to the store and bought chocolate and ate not only a square, but the other twenty one squares.  So now I tell myself I am a bad person, for not doing what I was going to do.

All of this does impact our body, and makes us feel a little differently, so we could look at this from a different angle.

We all love to feel amazing every day, who doesn’t love that feeling. It’s like eating chocolate every day, hmm I have gotten side tracked again. Back to feeling amazing, so we get that feeling where nothing can dampen our day, we have a vibrancy in out step, care in our movements, understanding with people, and supportive where needed. So how can we have this as our every day, it’s the consistency of the way we live that supports our days ahead.

  • Do you wake up with a spring in your step?

  • Do you love going to work every day?

  • Do you like to nurture your body with healthy fresh food?

  • Enjoy exercising regularly to get the body moving ?

These are all things we know we can change at any time, but can you see where I am heading with how to feel amazing Every. Single. Day??

It’s super simple, It starts with Amazing Hair.

Yes, we are aware this can be challenging, as we have had many conversations in our Mackay hairdressers studio with how you can style your best hair every day. At the studio, we are here to support you when you want to know a bit more of how you can style your hair on a daily basis.

The foundations start with a customised haircut, personalised to your face structure, your daily habits of styling, your type of hair, and the quality of it. You don’t have to always have an eye popping colour, which is bold or bright, healthy and shiny hair can be maintained with a hair care ritual which is designed to support you in nourishing your hair which leads to contributing to having an amazing day.

How good to we feel when our hair is on point, and then someone comments and tells us just how gorgeous it is. Feeling like you are ready for this step of feeling absolutely amazing every day, and rocking out the best hair, and making every day the same, book an appointment and have a chat with our experienced stylists.

What can you takeaway from your hair experience.

  • Have your questions answered around any hair and scalp concerns.

  • Learn some manageable stying hints.

  • Get your own personalised hair ritual.

Click on the link below to secure your space at our Mackay Hairdressers, we look forward to nurturing you with even more amazing hair in 2024.

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