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Choosing the right hairstyle for you… because you aren't everyone else

Woman with Copper hair colour

Choosing your hairstyle

How comfortable are you when you are choosing your next hair style? Do you get nervous, scared, worried, unsure, dramatic, or just want to think about something else instead? You are not alone…

There are many ways we go into doubt or confusion over our next style making it more complicated and adding stress to what should be a joy to choose the next hairdo to rock out, or wear conservatively, whatever your style may be.

Learn from the children

The other day I had a four year old child come into the studio, and straight away they showed me a picture. They had decided to cut a fair bit of their hair off and I could tell they were ready for the big change.

What was inspiring, was they had decided whilst waiting. Their parent asked them what they would like, and they searched photos together. Whilst nearing the completion of the haircut, the child clearly expressed if something needed to change. They 100% knew what they wanted to walk out with. In my experience, 99% of the time, children know what they want in a haircut.

This often isn’t the case with adults however. So, the question to ask yourself is “what is the doubt that sets in when deciding on a new hairstyle?”

Does it have something to do with...

  • Comparing yourself to what others are having

  • Jealousy you may receive from others because your new hair do will be fabulous

  • Doubt it will suit you?

  • Will you be judged for changing or stepping out of what is the normal?

  • Will it be hard to manage?

These are just a few thoughts that can start to sneak in, to try to make you play it safe and just go with what you know...

Of course it is totally fine to have the same, especially if you love the look and you know it works on you. But if it is one of those times when you feel you are ready for a change, then why not go for it? Don’t hold yourself back from stepping into the new you.

Check out this Before and After when one of our clients went from blonde to copper in one sitting.

BEFORE (left) and AFTER (right)

Throughout life we can dull ourselves down, and hide our expression – not wearing the clothes we really want to, is also part of the way we hide. Why don’t we let ourselves wear that dress we feel like, even if it’s just to go grocery shopping?

Embracing our level of care starts with moving who we truly are , so when you hear the voice in your head telling you nah, don’t do it .. it’s probably a good chance to reassess and ask what is really making that decision? Is it because it truly isn’t the greatest hair cut idea?? Or is it because you are sticking to something you feel safe with even if it feels a bit boring? Or… is it because you are avoiding busting out and expressing a next level style?

A few tips when choosing your next style ..

  • What frame of mind are you in when selecting your new style….make sure you are confirming and celebrating yourself and not in a ‘I never look good enough’ mindset.

  • Create an album! Or tag your favourites. Ever sit there in the hairdressers chair scrolling through your selfies, pics of your dog, sunsets, photos you took of your receipts…You get the picture 😂😂 Combining your favourites all in one place makes it easy to flick through in studio to discuss with your hairdresser.

  • Do not pop in the search bar terms like “Hair for over 50’s.” This is what the world will tell you, you NEED to wear for your age.. and it may just reduce your view of the styles that you can actually wear. Look for photos of hair that you like, rather than the age group of the person wearing it. We can then go through the pics together and see if the style may or may not suit you. Sometimes it can be useful to search by age, for instance if you are looking for people rocking grey hair styles, but its not the only way to find your next hairstyle and in fact putting in a more specific search like ‘great styles for thick grey hair’ is a better search approach than putting in ‘hairstyles for people over 50.’

  • Look at the hair, not the face .. commonly I see guests comparing themselves to others that are photoshopped in magazines, or bringing out a pic of themselves 20 years ago and expecting that their haircut will make them look like the photo...remember that hair texture and thickness can also change over time, so a haircut from 20 years ago may not look the same today even if cut in exactly the same technique.

  • Do look at the type of hair in the photos, does it really relate to yours? Is it fine or thick, curly or straight?

  • Let’s also get a bit real on the level of styling required, do you like to style your hair, or want to learn how to style? We will be able to share how to do your hair and what products suit best to create the look, however if you have no inclination of putting a blow dryer to your head, then don’t choose excessively styled pics.. your expectations will be crushed the moment you go home and forget to style your hair. Be aware that a lot of instagram pics portray VERY styled haircuts that may have taken ages to style in order to get the shot. Note that news presenters and Talk Show hosts also have a lot of time in hair and makeup before they film their shows!

  • Most of all have fun with the choosing the photos to add to your hair album, maybe put in a few pictures of hair that you hate, that way in consultation we won’t go down that path at all. Just be sure to communicate that clearly to us when you show us the photos that these are the styles you DON’T like 😃

Are you ready to commit to your next hair project?

Get your albums ready, or you can leave it with the professionals, we always have a few ideas up our sleeves. We love supporting our guests in their hair adventures.

Let’s also be clear, there is nothing wrong with the same as before – you walk around with your hair every day and it is important that you love it. And that is the main ingredient to a great style – love and care for what you have, then this is reflected for everyone.

When we attend to our hair, we are nurturing ourselves, make space in your schedule to do your hair daily, it may be as simple as just brushing it, or popping in a treatment, or doing some next level style. Whatever it may be, attending to your hair will enrich your day.

Bring the beauty inside, out.

Our hair is an extension of our beauty, to not only make ourselves feel amazing, but to inspire others. Have you ever been asked about your hair in the streets? Many women come into the Studio after choosing their style from someone they saw up the street, or at the local restaurant. Be inspired by each other.

1 comment

1 Comment

Jul 25, 2023

What a fantastic article - such simple tips which made so much sense. The tip to broaden searching for new hair styles beyond our age is a great one and not something I realised I'd fallen into - especially as I've noticed that as I've got older, I'm more inclined to search for new hairstyles that suit my age that I think would be acceptable or appropriate rather than "great styles for short fine hair" - thank you! Moreso, I love that this article brings it back to the fact that there is no 'right' or 'wrong' - whether it's to choose a brand new hairstyle or colour or stay the same, but simply what feels right for you.

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