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Are You On The Move or Feeling Weighed Down?

How often in life do we know we should have stayed at point A, but we decided to move over to point B. Why? Maybe it felt more comfortable, maybe you didn’t want to be challenged or maybe you didn’t want to make someone feel bad. What pushed us to say ‘yes’ to this or that and compromise, when clearly our first feeling from our body has told us otherwise?

Sometimes compromise is so familiar that we find ourselves at point B before we’ve even clocked that we moved there. Yet we do clock it when we realise the heaviness we feel in our body, or maybe how we suddenly feel tired, or need to quickly eat a box of chocolates in one sitting!

So how do you undo the reflex action of compromise when you have done it all your life? How do we stay connected with us (our A) and get off the merry go round of constantly finding ourselves at the B’s?

What if we start with observation (without judgement of ourselves), then we can start to take responsibility for our movements and we are guided to what’s next without all the complication and drama of doing it. This starts with the way we live on a day-to-day basis.

The simple rituals we carry throughout our day affect our movements, but not only our movements, also the spaces we work amongst. Have you ever felt in the morning that you didn’t give yourself enough space to get ready in the morning before going to work? You slept through your alarm, and then was on the backfoot from the moment you opened your eyes. At this point you can’t blame sleeping through your alarm. Track back… how did you put yourself to sleep? Did you watch TV or scroll social media an hour before bed? Is this supporting a healthy sleep ritual which will roll over to your next day? These are all the little things we can attend to and take a deeper look at in our lives.

The space we allow ourselves in our days is so important when you consider what we then will move around in, every day. Have you ever felt unsettled when you speak to someone, or yelled at them in a rage, and then when the moment has passed, wondered where it all came from? We can sometimes track back to a point in our day where we got rattled, if we don’t recover from this, or acknowledge it, then this stays in our body which is absolute poison to our movements. Sometimes we need space to recalibrate, sometimes we need to chat with someone to get some support and other times we might need to take a lap around the block. All of which are loving and nurturing for you to return to settlement.

Our movements are everything in our day, as an example from experience, I have noted in my body if I walk around in any form of ‘having to get things done’ and in drive, like I have to get it done right now, then my body will talk to me and I would wake up with leg cramps to feel the harshness of the day before. So I listen to this and reflect, as my body is talking and saying hey, don’t do this to me.

Changing our movements for others is common, when in absolute truth we feel to do something else. When we override our first sense of what is there for us to do, then the doubt comes in and feeds us to be nice or fake to appease someone else, when in fact it had no purpose for you, as you felt to do something else.

For example, my mum asks me to do something early in the morning, I know in my days I don’t have as much space in the mornings before work, so I am not going to compress my day or change my movements, especially when I can feel in my body that what is being asked for isn’t required immediately. I can definitely do it to support her, but not right now or at the time she requested. It is neither harsh or unloving, but sometimes that is when all the thoughts come rolling through which then creates stress on our bodies and push us to go into a movement that that is not true and results in resentment – we are bullied by thoughts that tells us that we are disappointing someone or not being a good daughter, sister, wife etc. What if, instead, we started to listen to our bodies and stayed with a movement that feels true. Your ‘A game’, so to speak.

Move your body and feel the freedom in this, walking the steps of whatever is needed at that point of the day, don’t think about the past or look into the future, be present in the day and make the most of every moment.

Step By Step

Day By Day

Move It

Simplify It


Love The Way You Move

Move like Everybody is Watching

No Apology !


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