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Small business - what it takes to open the doors each day...

You know when people started wearing their pyjamas to work because they were working from home so much?

Well, we didn’t have that luxury but that wasn’t such a bad thing..

We love to show up to work and create a beautiful public space for you to come to, to beautify yourself and feel ready to step out into the world.

That is what we love to do.

But there is a reality to us being able to sustainably provide this service and open our doors each day.

So, a few questions for your consideration :)

Have you ever heard of this happening or have you ever done this?

You book a restaurant for your birthday party. You tell them what you want (you are very specific) and they make sure they have all the food that you require, their staff focus on prepping your food and the waiters are at the ready to seat you…and then….you just don’t show.

Or, you hire a plumber. He drives to the job, he’s on time (I know, unheard of!) he buys all the parts that you will need to fix your sink and then when he gets to the house you are not there. No note, no nothing.

Or, you call him 5 minutes before he is due to start the work (and he has already driven to your house) and you ask him if it is ok if you reschedule.

But is it really ok?

Sure he will probably accommodate you, he probably won’t even complain.

But he has just lost the time that it takes to drive to your house plus the wages that he would have otherwise gotten if he was working.

And what if Jeff has an employee named, let’s call him Jim. Jim is the one that drives to your house. You are not there. Guess what? Jeff still has to pay Jim for his time even though now Jim doesn’t have a job to do for Jeff to be able to recoup the cost of his wages.

You get where I am going with this?

I don’t need to go into the detail of what it is like in the Studio except to say that you can probably appreciate the cost to the business if someone books a 3 hour appointment on a Saturday and a Senior Stylist is employed for those three hours (at Saturday rates) and then the person that has booked never shows?

As a small business, we have many factors to consider when opening our doors each day, and we want to be able to continue to do this without the unnecessary cost of no shows so we can continue to offer you the services you love.

We completely understand things can crop up last minute, and your plans may change so we are simply asking for you to communicate in advance where ever possible if this is the case.

Hairdressing is a labour of love, our days can be filled with laughter, tears and longer days on our feet. We don’t complain, we love what we do.

It brings us such a joy in our job to nurture you and your hair, and create wearable styles that you can flaunt every day.

So we are making a few changes to support the business and our staff.

And on the topic of our Products...

We stock luxury brands so you can nurture your hair to the quality we provide in the Studio.

When you buy your products from us it really supports our business. I know that sounds like a catch phrase / throw away line, but it really does.

Have you ever searched and searched online for something a bit cheaper only to realise that you lose that saving with the shipping cost?

And sure sometimes you might save a few dollars but if you do have the means to support small business we do appreciate you choosing us for your at home hair care too.

Also, Kerastase is moving to a more eco friendly product packaging so there are a few changes on the horizon for the brand that we are looking forward to sharing with you. It continues to align itself with what has been scientifically proven to support the hair and is always at the edge of new technology and active ingredients.

Ask our friendly team to support you with your home care ritual, and what is needed to give you your best hair every day.. We do a lot of training to share this beautiful product with you all, just ask, its our passion to share this luxury brand.

We thank you for choosing us to love and care for your hair.

We hope you enjoy your time in the studio, we like to ensure it is supportive, fun and that it brings out your best hair for you.

Thank you for your support as we make these changes to ensure that we can be a sustainable small business that can continue to be here for all your hair needs.

Upcoming Changes

Text Messages

We will now send you a text message 72 hours in advance, which provides the space to change your appointment if needed, and also to allow someone else to attend if you can't make it. You will no longer receive the email in the lead up to your appointment, only the text message. Please confirm via text.

Pricing Changes from July 1st 2023

In the upcoming months we will be bringing our prices in line with the current economic environment. Our service prices will remain tiered to support all stylists, not all services will change prices. Numerous factors have come into consideration, with the increased cost of goods, freight, wages, running costs etc..

Booking Deposits

We will now ask for a non refundable booking deposit to secure your place. Once we receive confirmation of your booking we will send you a link to pay your deposit. Deposits are not an extra charge, they are simply a part payment for your booking up-front. If we don’t receive your deposit payment 24 hours from when you book we will have to cancel your booking to open the space up to someone else.

Cancellation Policy

For cancellation of bookings and late changes to bookings we require 48 hours notice or your booking deposit will be used to cover the late cancellation fee. If you need to cancel or rebook and you give us more than 48 hours notice we will put your deposit towards the new appointment time or you can choose to put it towards products from the studio.

Any questions or to book an appointment please call the Studio on 0409 988 428

1 comment

1 Comment

Oct 13, 2023

I can so relate to what you all the points you share and raise here. Working as a dental assistant in a small business dentist office, we get so many last minute cancellations, when some dentists and dental technicians (for children) travel quite some distance to be ready to assist the patients with their teeth issues. This time is lost and we can't fit someone else in who might also be in need, because it's not enough time for anyone to just drop everything, get here and take that spot. It's a big financial commitment for small business owners to have all the product and staff ready to go to provide these services like hair dressing, dental care or hospitality,…

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