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A day in the life of a hairdresser…

We all love when you come into the studio for your appointments, but we need to tell you a bit about what happens when things don't go to plan.......

What happens when you are late to your appointment and how late is too late?

Lately many of our clients have been consistently late to their appointments. At the moment we estimate about 20% of our clients will be 5 or more minutes late to an appointment.

That’s cool right? We are all laid back here, yeah?

Actually…we would love to say that when you get here everything will be able to be adjusted to accommodate the later start time…but…a hairdressing appointment isn’t like going to a beauty salon or any other appointment where the time slot is solely yours.

Usually your appointment time will also coincide with the processing time of another clients hair colour. This is how we manage to minimise our waiting list.

So if you are ten minutes late…Betty’s peroxide may be left in too long while you are getting your cut. Now she has green hair…you see the problem? All jokes aside. We hate telling people they are too late for their appointment and they have to rebook.

But in order for us to keep our on time clients happy and their hair not green we have decided that we do have a cut off time.

Here are the new standards…

  • 5 minutes early – you are amazing. Sit in the waiting chairs at the bay window and soak up the atmosphere. Relax before your hair cut and really get the most of your You Time. You deserve it.

  • On Time: There is a saying that when you are early you are on time and when you are on time you are already just a touch late…but we appreciate this big time nevertheless and you are also awesome. See you in the chair.

  • 5 minutes late – ok we get it, you tried to write one more email before you got up from your desk even though that little voice said, “you are not leaving yourself enough time to get to your appointment”. If you are first time offender we can live with that. If you are always a ‘5 minute late person’ then you will definitely get less of your head massage time…just saying.

  • 10 minutes late – what, no courtesy call? Feel free to text or call us at least so we can prepare for the fact that absolutely everything in our day is about to be thrown out 😊 Ok, we are being dramatic, but you get the gist. Two people 10 minutes late and 2 people 5 minutes late puts us a whole 30 minutes behind for the rest of our on-time clients. If we all work together here we are all going to have a super great hairdressing experience. Go Team!

  • 15 minutes late – This one’s a rebook. And we don’t want to have to do that when you have been looking forward to this haircut or colour for a while and your roots are unsightly and your hair looks like we are still in Covid lockdown… So easy solution…if you are the type of person that is always late just put your appointment time in your calendar a full half hour before its actual start time and then forget that you tricked yourself (this part is important) so that when you arrive 15 minutes late to that appointment you will be 15 minutes early to your actual haircut. We all win!

Seriously though, we love all our clients and want to give you the best experience possible.

You will enjoy your cut and or colour if you are not rushed or stressed when you come to the salon. And while we are here…a reminder to also pop your phone on silent so that salon remains a sanctuary for us to enjoy, unwind and pamper ourselves without too many distractions.

We look forward to seeing you in the studio soon.


2 comentários

13 de jan. de 2023

New Year's Resolution right there 🤩


12 de jan. de 2023

Excellent article Christine, an important message, succinctly put, with a simple solution offered. 👏👏

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