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Do you really need to brush your hair? Spoiler alert – YES!

I was travelling recently for work and as I got off the plane at Brisbane airport I looked around me at everyone’s hair (occupational hazard, I notice people’s hair everywhere I go). Anyway, on this particular morning I was getting off the plane and all around me people were dressed and ready to go to work…almost…it seemed like everything was done but their hair. Their hair was an afterthought…in fact it was not even a consideration in most cases.

Do you know that saying ‘did you look in the mirror before you left the house today?’ well I felt like saying that to nearly everyone I saw, only clearly they had looked in the mirror, because most had managed to put some makeup on but it was like they blanked when it came to doing their hair…where’s our standards these days?

Are we now a ‘brushless society,’ is it now acceptable to not brush our hair? A lot of people say to me…I don’t have time to brush my hair, but what is next? Not brushing our teeth? Dentists would have a field day! 😊

What is your relationship with this living thing on your head we call hair… it allows us to change up our looks depending on our day and occasion but at the very least it should still be included in our morning and evening rituals.

The way you nurture and deeply care for your hair radiates and this is what you take with you throughout your day.

Brushing the hair at least daily, and twice if you are completely devoted to it, is a great first step into nurturing your hair.


Edit: A note for the curly haired crew, we know that brushing out those curls is a crime so for you brushing might be best kept to those days that you wash your hair, and preferably just before you get in the shower if you don’t like to rock the frizz. However that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a ritual that can support your scalp and hair growth daily…stay tuned.

What’s the benefits to you of caring for your hair daily?

Healthy hair that you get to walk around with and show off every day, and we all know how good it feels to have hair on our head that is weightless and flowing.

Brushing also helps distribute the natural oils from your roots to ends which gives it a beautiful shine. Who doesn’t want shiny sparkly hair? we aren’t talking the grey sparkling kind either …


Edit: When we are talking about the ‘grey sparkles’ we are not talking to the people that are claiming the grey look because we all love a silver fox (or vixen). We are talking about those that colour their hair but have a tendency to only schedule an appointment when the regrowth demands they do. Hint: you don’t have to wait for the grey sparkle to show through to come and see us again 😊

But back to the brush: How good does it feel when we put a brush to the scalp, it’s like a mini massage which helps stimulate the scalp, encouraging blood flow and hair growth..hello longer healthy hair…


Don’t want to brush daily? Curlies, we hear you, but have you considered giving yourself a head massage instead? Circular motions with your fingertips will not only relax you at the end of the day but will support and stimulate blood flow to the scalp as well.

Have you ever had all that loose hair lying round the house, another added benefit of brushing is that it will remove all the loose hair in one go.. minimise cleaning, or the nagging partner asking you to clean up after your shed of hair..

At the end of the day, a little more care in your morning and evening ritual will make all the difference… not just to your hair, but your overall being.

In the morning, you could simply have your brush near your bed, and as you sit up and gently find your feet, you could brush your hair ... this simple task is ever so loving before you prepare for your day ahead.

Hot Hair Tip

At the end of your day, prior to hitting the hay as they say, you can take a moment to brush your hair, and then put some gorgeous Kerastase Night Serum through the very ends of you hair. Not only does it smell divine and promote a peaceful sleep, it has added benefits, by next morning the hair is hydrated and easier to style.

What else would you add in to your morning and evening rituals?

Fifteen or twenty minutes to include a gentle walk, a relaxing Epsom salt bath to detox at the end of the day?

Got some favourite rituals to share, or have a hot hair tip? Leave a comment below.

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1 Comment

Oct 13, 2023

I love this article. Every morning I feel I need to brush my hair when I get out of bed, but not because of anything nurturing, only because I don't like the 'bedhead' look. So after reading this, it will be a much more loving thing to do and adding appreciating my hair, instead of 'fixing' bed hair only. The level of true self care and self nurturing can always deepen, as I can feel how I have settled with a certain level and ignored that there is more here for me to explore, which will be enriching me, which then helps me bring enrichment to others. And it makes sense it will stimulate the hair growth due to increased…

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